How to Design an Interior for a Big Bedroom: Step-by-Step Guideline

When it comes to designing the interior of a bedroom, the possibilities are endless. Hence, the ultimate aim is to craft a cozy haven that welcomes you after a long, tiring day. 

However, designing a big bedroom is trickier than designing a smaller one. You have to utilize the space without making it cluttered, and you can’t leave it empty! So, how do you design a large bedroom space?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to design an interior for a big bedroom and give you some amazing decor ideas that will help you design your dream bedroom without breaking any sweat. 

Let’s proceed, shall we?

How to design an interior for a big bedroom: Top 21 Design Ideas 

While designing a small bedroom, your ideas have to be limited. Yes, you have to avoid cluttering the place and make sure that the room has all the essential elements. 

But when working on a bigger project, you can use your creativity to make the place pop. You can incorporate several ideas to create an exciting and unique layout. 

Well, here are 21 breathtaking ideas that will inspire you to create a cozy, warm, and welcoming bedroom. Let’s check out. 

  1. Contemporary Style Bedroom 

Some may think that designing a contemporary-style bedroom will be effortless. But if you fail to choose the elements correctly, the space will fall apart. 

While designing this type of bedroom, you need to add clear lines and warm colors. Make sure the room gets plenty of natural light and has minimalist decor. You can also experiment with glass elements such as sleek glass walls and large windows. 

  1. Cottage Style Bedroom

Bigger bedrooms allow you to experiment with the decor. Therefore, you can try to style it with cottage aesthetics. 

To design this project, you can use rustic elements such as wooden floorboards and furniture. Plush textiles and vintage paintings go perfectly with this interior style. While creating the layout, use warm hues and vibrating colors to make the plays inviting. 

  1. Coastal Style Bedroom

If you love beaches, you can go for coastal-themed bedrooms. This type of layout calls for warm colors, distressed wood, and ocean-themed decor for a relaxed vibe. Well, you can try this style only in a larger bedroom space; smaller ones will ruin the wholesome vibe, honestly speaking. 

  1. Scandinavian Style Bedroom

For the minimalist lovers out there, Scandinavian bedrooms will be an amazing choice. They have clean lines, neutral color palettes, and natural wood furniture, which creates a calm and inviting atmosphere. 

This style is great for larger bedrooms as it requires the use of many elements, such as white rugs, futons, or an armchair made of natural wood. 

5. Gold and Wood

To make the bedroom elegant, you can style it with gold and wooden accents. The most fabulous part of this decor is that you can make it minimalist or turn it into a gorgeous room full of different decor elements. 

This theme calls for dark wood furniture and gold accents; a bigger bed will be the perfect addition. This style is perfect for people who love a modern luxury feel. 

6. High Ceiling and Luxurious Style Bedroom

Every has different preferences,, and some may choose to sleep in a luxurious bedroom. In that case, you can go with a high ceiling, some expensive paintings, and luxurious decor elements. Make sure that the fixtures are one of a kind, with unique designs and textures. 

This style only goes with a spacious layout. Hence, if you are designing a bigger bedroom, pick this high-ceiling style to make your project grand. 

7. Extra White Bedroom Style

White bedrooms are never out of style. Whether you have a bigger or smaller space, you can easily add this theme to your layout. 

In an extra-white bedroom, you need to make everything white. Yes, the walls, ceiling, and flooring should be designed in different shades of white. This way, you can create a seamless outlook that will provide a sense of cleanliness and simplicity. Once the homeowner enters this space, they will feel serenity after a hectic day. 

8. Colorful Bedrooms

Want to make your bedroom playful and festive? Well, you can always use different colors to bring the plays together. 

While designing this bedroom full of colors, ensure that you add bedding sets with bold patterns and motifs. To make the bedding pop, go for polka dots, stripes, or even floral prints. Remember, a colorful bedroom is more than a place to sleep; it’s created to break the monotony of everyday life. 

9. Creams and Whites Bedroom

If you don’t want an extra-white bedroom but want the same cleanliness, go for the creams and whites. This style’s color palette includes off-white and white tones to create a soft and serene outlook. By adding minimalist furniture, you can make it the epitome of elegance.  

10. Clam Pastel Bedroom

For a calm and relaxing ambiance, you can also pick a pastel bedroom. The walls can be dreamy colors such as lilac, baby pink, or light yellow. Then, you can add a bit of vibrant-colored furniture and bright decor elements such as French pink curtains. 

11. Black and Gold Themed Bedroom

Adding black and gold accents to the bedroom decor is a brave choice. But yes, it will make your bedroom one of a kind, there’s no doubt about that. 

This design aims to reflect elegance and luxury. With reach, deep tones of black combined with shimmering gold details, your room will have a sense of grandeur. It’s perfect for bigger bedrooms, as the smaller ones will look congested if painted black. 

12. Focus on the Headboard Style

You want minimalist decor, nothing grand. But you’ll still need the aww-factor when you enter the space. For that, you can go for a super stylish and gorgeous headboard to draw all the attention in one place. 

Choose a plush and upholstered headboard and decorate it with interesting bedside lamps. You can also add some decorative cushions to keep the headboard as the focal point. 

13. Dull and Bright Style Bedroom

To achieve this style, you need to mix bright colors like burgundy and white with shades of beige and brown. This type of decor will give the bedroom a rustic vibe and make it look cozier. 

14. Blue Heaven Bedrooms

Just like the whites, you can decorate your master bedroom with different shades of blue. Choose bright blues for the walls and lighter colors for the other decor elements to create a soothing blend. 

15. Unique Flooring and Ceilings

While designing a grand bedroom, the focus mainly stays on the walls and furniture. But you can also go for unique floor patterns and different accents on the ceilings. 

However, if you’re going for this style, make sure you add minimalist furniture and fixtures. The focus should be on the ceilings and flooring—don’t bring any distractions!

16. Mediterranean Style Bedroom

If you want to enjoy a seaside retreat every day, you can pick a Mediterranean-style bedroom. This style has high ceilings and exposed and earthy color palettes. With this type of decor, you can enjoy calmness and warmth at the same time. 

17. Traditional Style Bedroom

Traditional bedrooms are timeless. So if you’re confused about the decor ideas, you can try this style without any hesitation. 

In this design, you need to bring symmetrical furniture arrangements with eye-soothing colors and classic motifs; this blend of comfort and sophistication will add a unique flair to your master bedroom.

18. Indian Style Bedroom

If you have a bigger space, why don’t you try Indian-style bedrooms? They feature rich textiles, antique furniture, and ethnic prints on the bedding and curtains. You can also use colorful bedding sets with a hint of gold and handcrafted decor items. 

19. Mid-Century Modern

If you want to create a distinctive bedroom by incorporating elements from the mid-century modern era, you’ll need clean lines and bold pops of color. Moreover, they collect unique furniture and retro-inspired decor as finishing touches. 

20. Industrial Style Bedroom

Indistrial-style bedrooms are perfect for modern homeowners who want something different. In this style, you can add exposed brick, raw finishes around the corners, and dark metals to the furniture. It’s a blend of minimalism and rugged aesthetics, which creates a stylish and contemporary bedroom environment. 

21. Bohemian Style Bedroom

Bohemian bedrooms are a common yet popular choice when it comes to decorating a bigger bedroom. This style has vibrant patterns, textures, and colors. Also, you can use a blend of vintage furniture and ethnic prints to create a free-spirited ambiance. 

How Do You Design an Oversized Bedroom: Top 10 Ideas

While designing an oversized bedroom, only a bed or a pair of end tables won’t be enough. But yes, you don’t want to add unnecessary pieces of furniture as well. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Here are the top 10 ideas you can use to utilize every inch of your oversized bedroom. 

  1. Get Larger Furniture

If you have enough space, you can scale up your furniture. Go for bigger and cozier armchairs and beds, or get a spacious dresser. This way, you can eliminate the emptiness of the room and give it a balanced atmosphere. 

  1. Add Statement Lighting

Besides adding tons of scopes for natural lighting, you can also get some statement lighting fixtures. Choose table lamps or stands according to your decor style to add a unique flair to the room. 

  1. Create Separate Zones

The bedroom is not only about sleeping; it’s a place for ultimate relaxation. Therefore, you can create separate comfort zones in your oversized bedroom, such as a reading corner, meditation zone, or even a napping section. 

  1. Make Accents Walls

To give your bedroom a different vibe, you can add an accent wall with bold color patterns, unique textures, and motifs. This way, your oversized bedroom won’t feel like a big, boring, space. 

  1. Use Area Rugs

You can use different rugs for each section of your bedroom. Get bigger rugs for your reading nook and place some smaller rugs on the sides of your bed. 

  1. Get Arts and Mirror

Another way to utilize the spaces in your bedroom is to get art pieces to define the walls. You can also get a uniquely shaped large mirror to add charm to the place. 

  1. Luxurious Bedding

Bedding sets can change the outlook of a bedroom. Hence, get gorgeous and luxurious bedding to make it the focal point of the space. 

  1. Treat Your Windows

If your bedroom has multiple windows, decorate them with different curtains. For a fuller outlook, get long and heavy curtains with eye-soothing motifs. 

  1. Create Functional Storage

If you don’t have extra closet space, you can use your oversized bedrooms for that purpose. Choose a dresser or a larger cupboard, as you have plenty of space. 

  1. Pick More Furniture

You can get multiple pieces of furniture, such as big chairs and futons, to make your bedroom cozier and more inviting. 

Final Verdict

Here’s everything you need to know about how to design an interior for a big bedroom. With a larger space, you get to experiment with different elements and show your creativity in the process. 

Just make sure, you’re designed bedroom is not looking cluttered or empty. If it’s giving you a serene vibe, know that you’ve made all the right choices. 


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