How Much Does Interior Designer Cost In Bangladesh?

How Much Does Interior Designer Cost In Bangladesh?

Accountability is a must when you’re deciding to build your dream house in Bangladesh. You should fix the approximate budget and plan for every step. Budgeting for hiring an interior designer is a must. Otherwise, you may caught in a tight situation.

So, how much does an interior designer cost in Bangladesh? The cost depends on the designer’s reputation, skill level, design type, and cost structure. However, the average cost will be BDT 30,000 to 6 lakhs. (approximately, not actual data)

In this context, I’ll deeply dig into every single aspect that is necessary for you before beginning the project. After reading the content, you may decide, how much should you expect to pay for an interior designer. Let’s get started.

Regional vs. Renowned Designer: Deciding on the Right Fit for Your Dream Project.

There is massive competition in the interior design market. As a newbie or first-time launching a project, can be confused by seeing their great portfolio design.

There is a common myth in our society that local designers may be worthless compared to the renowned designer. But, it’s only a myth and not a hundred percent accurate. But, How? Several local designers have great knowledge of the local environments, materials, and scope.

In this regard, it takes much time to research your local circumstances for a renowned designer. Having a great portfolio doesn’t mean you’ll get a great service. The dark side is some of them are hiding their most unsuccessful projects.

So, how you be sure that their design may be worth based on your environment?

Designing is not an actual issue here. It’s just several clicks, drag and drop. Matching with the local environments is necessary. A designer must have the knowledge of which materials are available and not. Otherwise, the approximate cost will be higher.

Lead Components Shaping Project Expenses

It is difficult to mention the exact amount of the designer’s cost without knowing the place, budget, and other additional issues. However, I’ll try to provide you an ideas on both rural areas and the city. Now, it’s essential to know the factors that influence the overall cost.

Just scroll a bit and make sure you have read this section at least twice.

Let’s have a look:

Type of Projects.

The overall project cost depends on how much effort is needed to complete the design. If the project is not too large, then the approximate charge will be less.

For example: For a small-sized design (just design), it can start from 3,000 BDT to 10,000 BDT per hour. So, to complete the entire design of your project, you need to spend 20,000 BDT to  50,000 BDT. (approximately, not actual data)

In the case of a large project, the overall expenses can be significantly risen. It’s better to talk and complete the dealing before starting the project.

Experience and reputation

Quality and experience matters. You’ll get more professional behavior and work with a reputable company. They know how to plan for a project based on the surroundings, available materials, and so on. On the other hand, for a fresh graduate, it’s hard to get the right guy.

But, I won’t say, there are no qualities with the beginner. Few of them have a fantastic working quality. If you don’t have experience, then it’s recommended to try them. I always prefer to check all the portfolios and additional activities.

Location and demand.

A wise designer calculates all the things like location with the available raw materials. However, it’s difficult to identify which designer is great primarily. But, you can figure out their experience after completing the design. Ask me, HOW?

A professional designer never attaches any materials design that is not available to the city or country. If you need to import from other countries then the overall design cost will be higher. A beginner or less expertised designer may do it initially.

Now, let’s come to the point. The cost of a designer in the main city is BDT 20,000 to 1 Lakhs. On the contrary, the cost in the rural area becomes 10,000 BDT to 30,000 BDT. (approximately, not actual data)

The Module Of Cost Structures Of A Bangladeshi Interior Designer

Every designer has their policy in the case of pricing. If you don’t have completed a project yet, then it’s important to be aware of it. Otherwise, you may face many issues. Generally, two types of payment systems.

Let’s discuss below:

#1 Hourly rate: There are several freelance interior designers and the company offers an hourly rate. You’ve to pay a minimum rate on an hourly basis. It can be started from 1500 BDT to 5000+ BDT. (approximately, not actual data)

#2 Flat Rate: Several renowned agency have their own pricing standard. The price is fixed. There is no way to bargain. However, they are too professional. A maximum of the projects have been done successfully. They are high priced and expensive.

Bedroom Interior Design Price in Bangladesh:

When it comes to transforming your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style, the cost of interior design in Bangladesh may vary based on factors such as the size of the room, choice of materials, and design complexity.

Arcattic understands that the bedroom is a personal space, and our pricing reflects the attention to detail required to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere tailored to your preferences.

Kitchen Interior Design Price in Bangladesh:

The heart of any home, the kitchen deserves a design that balances functionality and aesthetics. Arcattic offers customized kitchen interior design solutions in Bangladesh, with pricing influenced by factors like the size of the kitchen, the choice of materials for cabinets and countertops, and the level of customization required. Our goal is to create a space where culinary creativity meets modern design sensibilities.

House Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh:

Designing the entire interior of a house involves a comprehensive approach. Arcattic considers the architectural nuances, room sizes, and overall theme to create a cohesive and visually appealing living space.

Our pricing for house interior design in Bangladesh reflects our dedication to crafting a home that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

Office Room Interior Design Price in Bangladesh:

Boosting productivity and reflecting a professional image are key considerations in office interior design. Arcattic offers tailored solutions for office rooms in Bangladesh, with pricing influenced by factors such as the size of the space, the level of functionality required, and the choice of furniture and decor elements.

Our designs aim to enhance work efficiency while creating an inspiring work environment.

Restaurant Interior Design Price in Bangladesh:

Restaurants are not just about good food; ambiance plays a crucial role. Arcattic understands the importance of a well-designed restaurant interior in attracting patrons.

The pricing for restaurant interior design in Bangladesh takes into account the theme, seating capacity, and the desired atmosphere. Our designs aim to create a dining experience that resonates with your culinary identity.

Resort Interior Design Price in Bangladesh:

Resorts offer a unique opportunity for creative and immersive design. Arcattic’s pricing for resort interior design in Bangladesh considers the expansive nature of such projects.

Elements like landscape integration, thematic consistency, and guest experience are factored into our designs to create a captivating and memorable stay for visitors.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs):

What is the cost estimation of interior design?

The cost depends on several factors like furniture, Flooring, ceiling, etc. The cost may be calculated per square feet. Now, each of the companies has their own pricing per sqft. But, the average cost is 1200 BDT to 3000 BDT. (approximately, not actual data)

How much should an interior designer cost?

The expected cost will start from 10,000 BDT to 50,000 BDT. However, there are some factors influencing the price. They are the size of the project, location, company reputation, and other factors. Don’t be confused just only seeing their eye-catching portfolios. Check their real experience. Otherwise, it can be a waste of money for you. (approximately, not actual data).

Final Word.

Finding the right designer is quite important. The right designer can help you to transform your dream into reality. He/she can help you to design a perfect interior based on your surroundings.

On the contrary, choosing the wrong designer can be a waste of time and all your effort can go in vain. In this regard, finding the right designer based on your location and budget is important.

So, I’ve reached at the last part of the content. If you need any consultancy, don’t forget to Contact us. Thanks for your great effort.

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