What is the difference between architecture and interior design?

What is the difference between architecture and interior design

For those of us who have not worked with building construction or design before, there is confusion between architecture and interior design. So, What is the difference between architecture and interior design?

Architecture and interior design are two separate fields but intricately connected. An architect constructs a building that comes from an architectural background. On the contrary, an interior designer designs the inner side of the building.

In this context, I’ll describe all the chief differences and the functions of these two fields. After reading this content, you may know which professional you should hire for your dream project. Let’s get started.

What Exactly Does An Architect And Interior Designer Do?

Architects and designers both are involved in creating a fully functioning and aesthetic vibe-containing building. However, both have different working criteria.

Let’s discuss them in a nutshell:

The key role of an architect

An architect needs to work from planning, mapping, and construction. The ultimate success depends on the architect. If the planning goes wrong, everything will be a waste of money. Besides, maintaining safety and other issues depends on the architect.

Furthermore, an architect must ensure that the structure attaches to building codes and safety regulations. There is no way to skip the safety. Lastly, the approximate budget depends on the architect.

The key role of an interior designer

The main focus of an interior designer is developing aesthetically pleasing and functional interior spaces. They have to utilize the space properly. They have to plan about the furniture and other issues. Moreover, they have to do the lighting plans and other design elements. Lastly, an interior designer has to work with contractors and suppliers to procure materials and furniture.

The Core Differences Between Architecture And Interior Design

In what professional field do you aspire to work, or whom do you aim to employ? If you’re confused enough then this section will be very insightful for you.

Let’s see the core difference between these two professions.


Primarily, an architect focuses on developing the overall structure of the building and functions of a building. On the contrary, an interior designer designs the inner side of the building which gives us pleasure. To utilize proper space, you must have to contact the designer.


Generally, an architect builds large structures like buildings, bridges, etc. Their responsibility is much higher than an interior designer. On the other hand, an interior designer has to design several rooms, blocks, and other specific area.

Design Elements

An architect is concerned with the design of the building’s structure, layout, and external appearance. They have to plan from the very beginning of the planning. On the other side, a designer is concerned with the preference of furniture, color schemes, lighting, and other interior elements.


Architects are responsible for creating the building’s blueprint. Besides, they ensure structural integrity and adhere to building codes. On the contrary, Interior designers focus on enhancing the interior environment. Similarly, they are selecting finishes, and furnishings, and creating a cohesive design.


In the present time, both professions are highly demanding. Similarly, these are evolving with changes in people’s economic circumstances. The use and demand for these professions are increasing. To transform your dream into reality the collaboration of both teams is a must.

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Frequently Answer Questions (FAQs)

Which is better interior design or architecture?

Architects and interior designers do two different jobs. Your project will require the help of two professionals. But if you have completed the building then there is no need to hire a new architect.

Take the help of a good interior designer at this stage. This will save both your time and money.

Do interior designers make more than architects?

No. The average income of an architect is 2X that of an interior designer. An architect charges from the initial stage of planning to the building. The profession of an architect is more valuable than an interior designer.

To become an architect requires a better academic background. On the other hand, an interior designer doesn’t require any heavy academic qualifications.

Can an interior designer become an architect?

Transitioning from an interior designer to an architect is possible. It requires academic qualifications and a thorough understanding of overall building design. However, industry experts suggest a shift towards specializing in one field.

The optimal approach involves team building. This ensures the maintenance of work quality.

Final word.

Architects and interior designers both play a vital role in transforming a design. To get better artistic expression, structural integrity, and social impact both are required.

If you don’t have done any project yet, then you need to hire both professionals. To complete the whole building, an architect can help you. On the other side, to design any block or particular section, an interior design is a must.

I hope, now, you have a clear concept of whether should you hire an architect or a designer. If you’ve any confusion feel free to know use. Thank you for your great effort.


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